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Free-lance journalist, 20-year English & Business Education teacher

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With the B.A. in English, and M.A. in Journalism, both from UCLA, I included at the same time course work, and the required semester of teacher assistant, followed by full teaching two classes (a semester each) under master teachers for the Teacher Certification in both subjects,

Even though I hoped my career was writing books, my Newsweek internship was rewarding, especially when they employed me when I received the Journalism, M.A., in their Los Angeles bureau.

When my husband was recruited for a dream job up the coast with IBM, I naturally followed him and was employed as a teacher of high school English, with a part assignment (which grew to chairmanship) in Business Education. This was a rural district where we taught different subject matter as needed.

After five years there, I was recruited to teach "in town" from which I had been commuting 30 miles, where we lived and my husband worked. This school was much larger and here I taught English and Debate.

I had worked to pay my way through UCLA before I met and married my husband; I was not smart enough for scholarships, and not inclined to ask for social welfare aid to get through school because my office skills although elementary still earned me more in those days than welfare; it was also the way I was brought up. We earn what we get.

After my husbands death, I supported our children as a teacher and the fact we had the same time schedules helped. However, when I had to take part-time jobs (which, with better knowledge and background paid more) my mother came over to be there when the kids got home from school, and supervised their homework.

Today I teach and tutor part time and have a free-lance business which is growing. My expertise is editing, and rewrite as necessary (although I don't do that for students... lol... I teach them how to do their own editing or rewrite).

I do edit theses for college and university professors and assistant professors; business men and women; authors of published books or those submitted for publication.

I like research and the computer makes it a delight, although for objective detail I still use my Encyclopedia Britannica, deliberately, however, as I acquired a set with its copyright before they diluted their volumes with too many unnecessary illustrations.

Jotting Newsvine discussions and other debate programs on current news is not just a hobby for me, it keeps me abreast of current advances in contemporary writing. That said, though, I find that classic grammar, usage, and analogies still work best. Slang is transient.

I like young people. Well, I also like adults, young, middle years, and the purported "elderly." I've learned that labels, blame, and buck-passing go beyond absurdities, and put one's own gray cells into a deep sleep, even might dry up into nothingness.